Priorities for Mental Health

Mental Illness Prevention Strategy

West Midlands AHSN was commissioned by the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health System Strategy Board to develop a prevention strategy for mental illness.  The result, in April 2017 was "Getting it right, first time - Prevention of Mental Illness".

This report reviewed what's happening, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to help young people maintain good mental health.  It analysed the evidence about what does and doesn't work, and came up with a series of recommendations:

  • Focus on early years
  • Work with education and schools
  • Make better use of digital tools and data
  • Establish a genuinely collaborative partnership involving all the main players
  • Set up a Prevention Board to oversee the work
  • Find and support "prevention champions"
  • Set up "Demonstrator Sites" to test and prove what works


Paid Participants required to undertake a short 10-minute Survey on Mental Health Screening in Primary Care Services

As part of a new development contract from SBRI Healthcare, we are seeking the views of primary care service providers (Practice Managers and GPs) on the use of the novel eye movement test called SaccScan, which is being developed by Saccade Diagnostics (a spin out of the University of Aberdeen), as an assistive tool to aid GPs with screening and referral of mental health patients to specialists.
This short survey will take approximately 5 - 10 minutes to complete. Most of the questions can be completed by the Practice Manager but the first 5 questions about the clinical unmet need may be best answered by a GP from your practice. The PM only needs to collate answers and complete one questionnaire for your practice in general.
The survey is made available electronically on Survey Monkey for your convenience. NOTE: You may have to forward this email to your personal inbox to complete the survey from home if you cannot open an external web link from your computer at work. Please follow the link below and enter the password saccscan to start the survey.

Priority areas

The priority areas cover prevention and early intervention; better mental health care for people with physical health problems; and improved support for people with severe mental illness.

Mental Health Taskforce

In July 2016, NHS England published an Implementation Plan to set out the actions required to deliver the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health. The Implementation Plan brings together all the health delivery partners to ensure there is cross-system working to meet the recommendations made by the Taskforce.