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West Midlands Combined Authority Mental Health Commission Report

The West Midlands Combined Authority Mental Health Commission Report was launched this week, led by Norman Lamb MP. the action plan focuses on tackling poor mental health and wellbeing, and has a real focus on recovery and employment support.

The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health

Public attitudes towards mental health are improving, and there is a growing commitment among communities, workplaces, schools and within government to change the way we think about it. There is now a cross-party, cross-society consensus on what needs to change and a real desire to shift towards prevention and transform NHS care.

This independent report of the Mental Health Taskforce sets out the start of a ten year journey for that transformation, commissioned by Simon Stevens on behalf of the NHS.

Prevention Review: Landscape paper

The aim of this paper is to scope the public mental health research landscape today with a particular focus on the evidence around prevention and the fundamental determinants of mental health and mental health inequity. The paper will be used to inform debates on the character of public mental health evidence, to generate recommendations for future evidence reviews to be undertaken by the Foundation and to progress the Foundation’s Research Strategy, which will be underpinned a trans-disciplinary and translational approach. This approach will focus on identifying the types of interventions that will create substantial impact.

Brexit impact on ESIF – latest

No official statement has yet been released on the status of European Structural Investment Funds (ESIF), including ERDF, following Brexit.  However, DCLG has said so far the following: “Officials are considering the impact of the referendum on ESIF funds, not only for ERDF but also ESF, EAFRD and the devolved administrations. Currently it is ‘business as usual’ in respect of appraisals, ESIF committee consideration of strategic fit and IDG decisions. Projects with GFAs should continue with delivery and make claims in the normal way. The new call templates should continue to be developed. What I cannot do is issue funding agreements until further notice and I do not know the timescale for that decision to be made.”