Resilience in Healthcare Masterclass 2017

Resilience in Healthcare Masterclass 2017


Regional venue
De Vere Colmore Gate, Birmingham


The West Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative (WMPSC) is delighted to welcome the Centre for Applied Resilience in Healthcare team (CARe) from King's College London to Birmingham to deliver their annual Resilience in Healthcare Masterclass, taking place on 9 and 10 October.
With guest keynote speaker Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite, this two-day masterclass offers an interactive course for healthcare professionals and researchers who want to learn how to apply resilience engineering concepts to improve care quality and safety.

  • Intensive learning about applying a resilience approach to improving the quality of care
  • The latest learning from resilience work by CARe in emergency care and the care of older people
  • Interactive sessions with experts to learn how to apply a resilience approach
  • Reflections on the benefits and challenges of applying resilience engineering.

Organisational resilience for healthcare can be defined as:

“the intrinsic ability of a health care system (a clinic, ward, a hospital, a country) to adjust its functioning prior to, during, or following events (changes, disturbances and opportunities), and thereby sustain required operations under both expected and unexpected conditions".  

CARe is the first dedicated centre for translating emerging theory and practice in organisational resilience into practical steps to improve the quality and safety of care.