About Us

What is the WMMHIN?

The Network is led by the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) and aims to support the sharing and adoption of innovation in mental health at scale and pace across the region, with a view to demonstrating improvements in health and increased wealth.

The network aims to develop and deliver a programme of events to discuss and disseminate international, national and regional innovations in mental health. The network will encourage and support closer working between public sector clinicians and professionals, industry, academia, the voluntary sector, service users and their carers, and will support organisations within the West Midlands to spread internal as well as adopt external innovations, but to also support the development of applications for regional, national and international funding. 

We also want to support, celebrate and hear from members.  What innovative work is happening across the region, what areas of practice do you want us to be covering, what are the greatest clinical concerns in your area or what innovations do you want to know about? As a network we aim to be responsive to the needs and requests of our members, so please get in touch. 

Network features

  • Invitation to bi-monthly events dedicated to a specific topic.
  • Bi-monthly newsletter keeping you up to date with innovations, events and funding opportunities
  • The opportunity to contribute to the newsletter and events programme and to have your innovative work showcased to the network and beyond. 
  • Individual support for NHS Mental Health organisations to help them to establish their innovation infrastructure.
  • Individual support for organisations to enable spread of their specific innovations and support in adopting other innovations. An example maybe supporting joint events with commissioners and providers to adopt proven innovations.
  • Invitation to the annual conference
  • The MHIN website with network info and news, as well as slides from previous events

Who runs the network?